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15 Virtual Health Agencies To Watch In 2021

Who’s who in the digital health world

At the beginning of closing yr digital health became already a burgeoning enterprise, but the COVID-19 pandemic has cemented its importance within healthcare and society. Overnight, entire processes migrated online to reduce social touch and transmission charges. Telemedicine has unsurprisingly profited from this healthcare paradigm shift, as patients are trying to find care that may be added genuinely in the confines of their houses (see our article “How COVID-19 is changing digital health – and what it means for telcos”).

While the pandemic has directed heightened interest (and funding) to virtual fitness businesses operating in telemedicine mainly, there are thrilling things going on across all 5 application areas STL has diagnosed as most relevant to telecoms operators (see our article “What is digital fitness? five software areas telcos ought to awareness on”):Personal health management and wellbeingDiagnostics and triageVirtual care and telehealthRemote trackingData and analytics

In this newsletter, we spotlight 15 virtual fitness companies (grouped by means of utility area) who we think are businesses to watch in 2021. They both have a unique fee proposition or represent an opportunity for collaboration with a telecoms operator.Our 15 digital health companies to look atbusiness Oura ringVantage HealthMendelianGalileo HealthDoctor On DemandButterflyMedWandPeppyMaven ClinicPhloPocDocCareSimpleTunstallMyWay Digital HealthBleepa1. Oura ring

Application region: Personal fitness control & well being

The Oura ring is a piece of wearable tech which uses sensor technology to tune health vitals. It sends these facts factors to a cellular app thru Bluetooth and lets in the person to look metrics together with readiness for the day, high-quality of sleep and every day energy burnt.

While the Oura ring turned into created on the whole to assist the consumer build properly behavior, it’s far currently inside the highlight for its potential to discover the onset of COVID-19. While there are opportunity smart jewelry, the Oura ring is exceptional placed for this capability given its advanced sensors which degree temperature adjustments as small as zero.1°C. It is truly assembly the instant COVID-19 desires given that the NBA has sold greater than 2,000 rings for players and team of workers inside the desire to hold the pandemic at bay.

The Oura ring is priced among $299-$399, because of this it is more steeply-priced than most Apple watches (apart from the series 6 which starts offevolved at $399). While there are a few key variations among an Oura ring and an Apple watch (e.g. Oura ring’s capacity to degree body temperature), there also are overlapping functionalities (e.g. the tracking of sleep, the measuring of heartrate, and the flagging of irregular heart rhythm). Due to these similarities – now not to say Apple’s robust emblem – Oura’s price factor might need to come back down for mass market adoption.2. Vantage Health

Application location: Diagnostics & triage

Vantage Health is a digital health company transforming the outpatient referral procedure through its AI platform, Rego. This empowers clinicians to apply healthcare sources extra efficiently: in place of directing patients to hospitals by default, they are able to advocate trade care offerings (e.g. community services) based on neighborhood tips.

As hospitals have restricted sources and capability, it is vital to refer simplest the ones whilst most important and hence avoid affected person bottlenecks (lengthy queues and high waiting times). This is particularly vital amid COVID-19 due to the transmission threat related to crowds. Through Rego, Vantage Health can alleviate some of the pressure and pressure that hospitals face.three. Mendelian

Application region: Diagnostics & triage / Data & analytics

Mendelian is an AI-enabled diagnostics platform this is targeted around rare sicknesses. It is designed to be utilized by clinicians and permits them to better serve their patients through early prognosis. The MendelScan set of rules captures disorder capabilities from EHRs throughout a affected person populace, towards which patients are matched for diagnostic criteria of rare illnesses. Clinicians can combine their medical expertise with insights from the MendelScan, for this reason improving the accuracy of care and advice they provide.

Rare diseases are regularly misdiagnosed, resulting in pointless referrals and physician visits, an c programming language of numerous years earlier than correct diagnosis and extra value on healthcare systems. By facilitating early diagnosis of rare diseases, Mendelian can shop time and money for a healthcare machine this is already over-stretched.four. Galileo Health

Application region: Virtual care & telemedicine

Galileo Health is a healthcare app thru which virtual primary care is delivered. Members have 24/7 cell access to Galileo Health’s crew of medical experts, who can diagnose situations, prescribe drugs and consult with specialists. All these functionalities occur within the app, making it consumer-friendly and convenient.

Telecoms operators looking for to release a digital primary care service can boost up their go-to-market thru partnerships with virtual health organizations like Galileo Health, as TELUS has executed with Babylon Health and Telefónica with Teladoc. In this kind of partnership, each birthday party brings complementary talents to the table: Galileo Health has the software program, healthcare expertise and group of docs; a telecoms operator adds reputational electricity (being a trusted emblem inside countries and often with ties to government / regulators) and consumer attain. With a blueprint and training from TELUS’ collaboration with Babylon Health now available, we will count on to look extra partnerships of this kind within the future.5. Doctor On Demand

Application area: Virtual care & telemedicine

Payer: Patient, enterprise, insurer


Doctor On Demand is a digital fitness enterprise presenting telemedicine offerings that provide patients get right of entry to to digital care. The enterprise has an app wherein virtual visits take region, and a crew of certified physicians (known as “Doctor On Demand Professionals”) which handles the care services. Doctor On Demand’s healthcare providing is extensive: they cowl traditional primary care which includes rashes and colds, but also offer psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. The comprehensiveness in their services explains their slogan: Total Virtual Care.

Similar to Galileo Health, Doctor On Demand can boost up the cross-to-market of telecoms operators in search of to launch a virtual number one care carrier. There is, but, a differentiating issue among these healthcare agencies: breadth of presenting. Doctor On Demand can be an attractive digital health agency to telecoms operators as it would allow them to speedy diversify their care offerings – they might do POCs with one carrier line (e.g. traditional primary care), and if this proves successful, add different Doctor On Demand carrier traces to their presenting.6. Butterfly

Application location: Virtual care & telemedicine


Butterfly is a handheld transportable ultrasound machine which utilises floor-breaking chip generation. With just this device and a smart telephone, doctors can perform ultrasound scans. Butterfly has five imaging modes and comes with 20 presets of commonplace frame scans for stomach, bladder and lungs.

Butterfly has a unique value proposition given its proprietary generation: it’s miles the first whole-frame imager that is portable, low-cost (£1,699 for the gadget plus a yearly membership price of £360) and may be deployed at scale. This sort of gadget is well acceptable to bringing medical imaging to rural communities. Moreover, as photos can be shared and despatched for overview, Butterfly overcomes the dearth of specialists in far flung regions. While Butterfly is a recreation-changer in low-aid settings, it’s also being used in scientific environments – earlier this 12 months it changed into made available to Canadian healthcare practitioners and health structures.7. MedWand

Application location: Virtual care & telemedicine

Payer: Patient, healthcare agency