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Business Names Registration Act 2014

1.  This Act is the Business Names Registration Act 2014.2.—(1)  In this Act, except the context otherwise requires —

“change cope with” means an alternate cope with maintained with the Registrar beneath segment 30(2) that meets the requirements of that phase;

“permitted representative” means an authorized representative appointed underneath segment eleven(1);

“Authority” manner the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority hooked up under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Act 2004;

“enterprise” consists of every form of alternate, trade and profession, and any other pastime, this is carried on for the functions of benefit, however does not consist of any workplace, employment or profession;

“enterprise name” means the name under which someone carries on business;

“certificate of affirmation of registration” way a certificates issued below section 8(2);

“organisation” has the meaning given by means of segment 4(1) of the Companies Act 1967;“employer” approach any body corporate shaped, incorporated or present in Singapore or out of doors Singapore and consists of —(a)any company;(b)any restrained legal responsibility partnership registered below the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2005; and(c)any foreign organisation;“file” way —(a)any application, shape, record, certification, be aware, confirmation, announcement or different file to be filed or lodged with or submitted to the Registrar; or(b)any certificates, word or different document to be issued by using the Registrar;“organization” way an unincorporated body of —(a)2 or extra individuals;(b)one or greater individuals and one or greater organizations; or(c)2 or extra corporations,

who’ve entered into partnership with each other so as to wearing on business for earnings;

“overseas enterprise” has the which means given by way of segment 4(1) of the Companies Act 1967;“man or woman” manner a natural character and, in which appropriate, includes —(a)an administrator, an executor, a liquidator, a trustee, a nominee, or a guardian of the individual; or(b)a donee or deputy appointed under the Mental business Capacity Act 2008 in admire of the person,

having direct manage or management of the business carried on by way of the individual;

“individual owner” method an person sporting on commercial enterprise as a sole proprietor;

“inspector” way someone permitted in writing by using the Registrar under phase 32(1) to be an inspector for the purposes of this Act;

“note of registration” manner a note issued below phase 8(1)(b);

“sign in” manner the register saved under this Act;

“registered” approach registered under this Act;

“registered enterprise name” approach the business call in respect of which a person is registered underneath section 8;

“Registrar” way the Registrar of Business Names appointed below segment three(2) and consists of any Deputy Registrar or Assistant Registrar of Business Names appointed beneath that phase;

“residential cope with”, when it comes to an individual, approach the person’s regular vicinity of residence.

(2)  A character who has a administrative center in Singapore is to be dealt with as sporting on enterprise in Singapore for the functions of this Act.(three)  Despite subsection (2), a foreign organization isn’t always to be dealt with as carrying on enterprise in Singapore for the cause handiest that during Singapore it —(a)is or turns into a party to any movement or suit or any administrative or arbitration proceeding, or results settlement of an action, a healthy or a intending or of any claim or dispute;(b)holds meetings of its administrators or shareholders or consists of on other sports regarding its internal affairs;(c)keeps any financial institution account;(d)effects any sale thru an independent contractor;(e)solicits or procures any order that becomes a binding contract handiest if the order is time-honored outdoor Singapore;(f)creates evidence of any debt or creates a charge on movable or immovable assets;(g)secures or collects any of its debts or enforces its rights in regard to any securities regarding such debts;(h)conducts an isolated transaction that is finished inside a length of 31 days, however not being considered one of a number of comparable transactions repeated every now and then;(i)invests any of its price range or holds any assets;(j)establishes a percentage transfer or percentage registration office in Singapore;(okay)consequences any transaction thru its related agency certified or permitted beneath any written law by the Monetary Authority of Singapore established below the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act 1970, and beneath an arrangement authorized through that Authority; or(l)carries on every other interest that may be prescribed.

(four)  In subsection (3), “related business enterprise” has the meaning given by means of phase 4(1) of the Companies Act 1967.

(five)  A connection with a record being filed or lodged with the Registrar is a reference to the file being filed or lodged with the Registrar in such manner and form as the Registrar may decide.

(6)  For the functions of sections 8(7), 12(four), 16(5) and 17(nine) and (10), any reference to the Minister consists of a reference to such Minister of State for his or her Ministry who’s authorised through the Minister for the purposes of hearing an enchantment underneath that provision.Administration of Act and appointment of Registrar of Business Names, and so on.three.—(1)  The Authority is accountable for the management of this Act, subject to the overall or unique guidelines of the Minister.(2)  The Minister might also, after consulting the Authority, rent —(a)an officer of the Authority to be the Registrar of Business Names; and(b)such numbers of Deputy Registrars and Assistant Registrars of Business Names from most of the officers of the Authority, public officials and the officials of every other statutory frame,

for the proper administration of this Act.

(three)  The Registrar is responsible for keeping a check in of registered humans and their registered business names, typically for the sporting out of the provisions of this Act, and for the collection of the fees payable below this Act and charge of all amounts so accumulated into the price range of the Authority.

(four)  The Authority might also give to the Registrar such guidelines, no longer inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, as to the exercise of the Registrar’s powers, functions or responsibilities beneath this Act, and the Registrar is to present effect to such directions.