28 Online Business Ideas to Start Today (2023)

More and more people aspire to work online and the reasons are obvious, first of all that of not having working hours, of having the complete freedom to work when and where we want and to obtain potentially unlimited earnings.

And if not much allure ago we freelancers were considered as mythological strings, now more and more people are following the path of freelance lifestyle, the lifestyle of freelancers.

This reversal of course has undoubtedly also been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced all of us to spend a lot of time at home and has led to new trends in the labor market.

Many have therefore seized the opportunity and have decided to open a new totally online commerce or to expand their trafic also on the network.

And the results speak for themselves.

One case among all was that of Mediaworld, forced to close 100 physical stores on national soil but which saw its turnover grow thanks to its online expansion or that of Cinica Beautician, which recorded a box office scandal during the lockdown period.

Creating your own import-export online is therefore still an excellent investment. But what are the best pacte ideas online?

Surely there are millions of them: business just find a profitable niche, understand what its problems are and offer a solution.

In this article I wanted to collect 28 transference ideas to be carried out totally online and highly profitable. Let’s see them together!

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If you’re looking for new business opportunities, here’s a list of 28 accord ideas online that you can launch today at no cost (or pour ainsi dire).1. Start a blog and bring it to success

Yes, I confess: blogging is still alive and well. And it’s also one of the most lucrative online parcels you can create.

Creating a blog is in fact an investment that can still bring a lot of satisfaction, even economic.

Whatever the type of business you want to focus on, starting with a blog is always a winning move: among many things, it allows you to develop your personal branding or brand positioning of your company and spontaneously acquire new customers.

But you can also passively monetize directly with your blog. I talked about it in more depth in my article on how to make money with a blog.

If you have an offline business and want to expand online, if you want to become a recognized professional or if you just want to make money online, having a blog is always the right path revers success.

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⚠️ TIP: If you want to start instantly to create your blog, then I suggest you download the Checklist to create a blog from scratch and monetize it in 7 days. You will also receive a completely free email blogging course.2. Create and sell online courses

E-learning, i.e. the market for online courses, is constantly expanding and seems to reach 325 billion dollars by 2025.

If you want to start teaching, online courses are undoubtedly the future to start an online négoce since they are one of the most profitable methods to earn money online and without the costs of live lessons.

But what can be taught online? Absolutely everything: fitness, yoga, DIY, guitar lessons, gardening, programming, foreign lessons, cooking, drawing…

Creating your own fashion show is extremely simple: you create videos of the lessons, upload them to the platform and put your school online.

There are numerous platforms to create an online stock, with many of which you can start completely free, such as Thinkific or Udemy.

You won’t even have to worry about invoicing and refunds because the e-learning platform will handle everything, turning your payments over to you.

In addition to the platform, I also recommend that you equip yourself with the right equipment to make videos:A good digital camera. I use a Nikon Z6 for my videos but if you have a good phone, it might be enough at firstA good microphone. I use a Samson Meteor that at its cadence was recommended to me by a sound engineer and has an excellent quality / price ratio. I have to admit it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever madeAn allégé causeuse, which will illuminate your figure by eliminating all ugly spectres. It is also great for making videos and live for sociétals.

That’s it! You don’t need anything else to get started.3. Offer your services and advice online

If you are a professional, you know how difficult it can be to find new customers, especially when you are just starting out and are not yet well known in your industry.

But what would it be like if customers came directly to look for you?

This is extremely simple by creating a blog and offering your services and advice.4. Start an e-accord (even dropshipping!)

Another online change that you can undertake is that of managing an e-accommodement.

This type of pacte is absolutely important if you already have an offline sales business, such as a store.

By making your products available for online purchase you can guarantee your customers a better service and you can continue to earn at all times, even when your physical store is closed.

If you don’t have an offline business or don’t want to manage a warehouse of physical products that you’ll need to ship, dropshipping is the solution.

But what is it? And why don’t you need a warehouse? Very simple.

Through dropshipping you create a panneau but you will not have to sell the products you offer directly, but to act as a mediator between the supplier and the customer.

Let’s say you have a cooking blog and an e-compromis of kitchen products, such as ladles, pans and small appliances.

A user comes to your blog, reads your article and decides to buy a pot on your étoffe. But you don’t really have the pot. So what happens?

At this point you will simply have to turn the order and payment to the supplier, retaining your percentage, and it will be the supplier who will then take care of the shipment of the goods to the customer, returns and so on.

Here’s how this type of accommodement works:

An e-commerce in droppshipping is therefore perfect to create an online accommodement without the physical, bureaucratic and economic burdens of a physical warehouse.

To create an e-négoce, the most used platforms are:WooCommerce, my favorite and easiest to useMagentoOpenCartPrestaShopShopify.5. Start a podcast

Podcasting is a perfect pacte idea for those who have nanny things is proposition and is a growing market, especially in Italy, where podcasters are not as numerous as in other esquissé of the world.

Starting a podcast today will therefore ensure that you gain a good share of the market tomorrow.

There are numerous ways to make money with a podcast. The anciennement is that of sponsored content, that is, establishing partnerships with companies to mention their products and services in your podcast.

The other method is to use the podcast as a link between listeners and your products or services. Establishing yourself as an expert on a topic through the podcast can guide your listeners to your website to let them buy what you sell.

If you want to create a podcast, the most used tools are:LibsynSoundcloudSpreaker.6. Write articles online

If like but, you also love to write, another idea of online arrangement absolutely profitable is to become a web writer and earn money writing online articles for other blogs.

I started my career as an SEO copywriter exactly like that. I already had my projects and blogs but I was noticed by some companies who asked me to write for them. Even in this case, having a blog to acquire new customers was still a winning move.