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Indian Woman App Creators Take Cause Enhance People’s Lives

Smartphones have end up fundamental gadgets in our lives. Beyond texting and calling, the smartphone offers numerous different benefits such as getting paintings done faster, ordering meals, hailing a cab, and doing an awful lot greater stuff.  

Besides the convenience of ease of doing things, cellular phones create an street to generate jobs for human beings. Though it has long been a male bastion,  girls marketers are also making extraordinary strides on this area.

As we mark International Women’s Day (March 8), DH interacted with promising female co-founders of app developer companies– Neend and Language Curry–, two of the most promising ‘Made-in-India’ apps on Google Play Store. 

Neend: Relax, Sleep, Meditate Neend (meaning sleep in Hindi) is a well-being app evolved by Surbhi Jain and their group. 

An alumna of IIT-B, Jain has over eight years of enjoy within the startup business surroundings and has worked in Holachef  xto10x and different companies, before setting up the Neend.Neend promises to offer a professional guide on improving sleep, growing internal stability, training mindfulness, and rest.

How Neend app became bornThe concept of Neend become conceptualised while founder Surbhi Jain herself faced sleep troubles at the height of the Covid pandemic and all of the stresses that got here with it. 

“After some research, I found out that India is the 2nd maximum sleep-disadvantaged u . s . within the international where 15-20% of the populace are regularly insomniac and 30% are every now and then insomniac. These sleep issues can reason foremost bodily troubles like low immunity, poor cardiovascular health, memory loss, and eating disorders. Sleep is also connected to intellectual well-being lack of which could motive emotional disorders, tension, despair, or loss of motivation,” Jain cited. Neend on Google Play Store (screengrab)

“Despite the high call for for sleep treatments, there had been now not sufficient non-medical solutions that would offer relief or remedy. Especially so for the populace that does not communicate English. Hence I released Neend to address this pain point and started off with the content vertical. In over a year we advanced 1000+ sleep memories in five languages. The content become initially hosted on just YouTube as a pilot and with the traction, we were given inside 3 months, we got confident about launching our App. The Android App now has 5L+ downloads,” Jain delivered.

Neend gives content material in nearby languages inclusive of sleep testimonies, tune, and meditations. The motivation section has one-min tales, inspiring costs, and sleep recommendations to assist customers get into a tremendous thoughts space and construct healthful habits. Professional assistance is to be had as a separate presenting where customers can e book consultation periods with sleep specialists through the App.

In the early level, Google provided a assisting hand to the Neend team to launch their content material publicly as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to customers. The enterprise obtained valuable feedback and construct a community, which lay the ground to build their own App.

Besides the easy entry to Play Store, Neend became offered get entry to to its environment of Google gear such as Google Analytics, Google ads, and greater, which helped them better shape the strategies and products. 

Now, Neend has registered greater than 500,000 downloads with an 80,000 plus monthly active user base. Even on YouTube, it has controlled to garner a touch overlakh subscribers.

The company has now set a bigger target of 30 percentage month-to-month boom.Surbhi Jain, founding father of the Neend app. Credit: Special Arrangement

Jain also found out to DH that Neend has plans to make bigger English content material on intellectual well being and also has 3 new products in the pipeline andmore inside the R&D degree in conjunction with a sleep-tracking mechanism.

Currently, Neend gives consultations beginning at Rs 99 and plans to improve this further and make it brilliant easy for people to get sleep therapy if wanted.

Message to upcoming female entrepreneurs and app builders

“My recommendation to fellow marketers is to never get confined or described by way of their gender. Move past the title of ‘ladies entrepreneurs’ and simply focus on being entrepreneurs. Expect demanding situations however do now not accept them. Expect favours (at times!) however do no longer receive those both. Stay authentic in your reason and awareness on constructing talents, building groups, and building a life that you are going to be pleased with!” said Surbhi Jain 

Language CurryKnowing more than one languages in a metropolitan metropolis like Bengaluru is a boon. As a amateur within the metropolis, gaining knowledge of the nearby language Kannada soon will assist you agree and socialise within the neighborhood and at the office quicker. Also, most importantly, it will be simpler to good buy with neighborhood groups and additionally skillfully cope with auto rikshaw and cab drivers to get to the locations with much less trouble.

It is the same for South Indians in metro cities in the North, West, and East and vice versa.Language Curry on Google Play Store (screengrab)

If you are an introvert and need time to settle in, then the Language Curry app assist you to soar over that mental barrier.

It can help humans master Indian nearby languages inclusive of Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Assamese, Odia, and Gujarati.

The curriculum is said to be designed by means of empaneled language professionals, in which the user is uncovered to sturdy studying ideas and an interactive gamified interface, which not best help you master the nearby Indian language, but additionally learn a issue or two approximately neighborhood culture in a fun and engaging manner.

Language Curry is the brainchild of Aneesha Jyoti, Puneet Singh, and Vatsala Sharma.

The co-founder Aneesha Jyoti is an MBA graduate from ISB Hyderabad who has labored with one of the leading telecommunication businesses and also lived in Canada for over a decade and there, an concept become born. Read beneath to recognise how Language Curry changed into conceptualised.Language Curry co-founders- From left to proper: Vatsala Sharma, Puneet Singh, and Aneesha Jyoti. Credit: Special Arrangement 

“While staying and running in Canada, I realized that the NRI community longed for one aspect – the want to hook up with their languages and lifestyle. Many of them, who had grown up in an English-speakme surroundings, became additionally keen on learning their local languages. While looking through one of a kind language gaining knowledge of structures, I determined that there have been several main international players, however none of them may want to comprehensively unite the Indian languages. Sensing an opportunity, I moved returned to India in 2011 for MBA from ISB Hyderabad and released Language Curry in 2019 along with Vatsala Sharma and Puneet Singh,” stated Aneesha Jyoti

Like the group Neend, Google provided hand-keeping to Language Curry to enter Play Store and it was able to garner two million downloads in no time and presently has around a hundred and fifty,000 month-to-month active customers, of which 20–25 per cent are from international locations aside from India.

“Urban migrants and those who’re interested by getting to know approximately Indian subculture and have an aptitude for maintaining relationships exhibit the very best degrees of engagement of their research. Outside of India, the NRI population and non-Indians drawn to Indian subculture take language study very seriously,” Jyoti stated.Aneesha Jyoti, co-founder of Language Curry. Credit: Special Arrangement

In January 2022, Language Curry become additionally part of the Google for Startups Accelerator programme. The corporation is growing a freemium model for monetization so that it will be launched in the subsequent region (April-June 2023).

Furthermore, the enterprise is constructing AI (Artificial Intelligence) based totally fluency check in an effort to help subscribers to discover ways to in shape their skillability level. And, it is developing many self-primarily based video publications for language in addition to tradition.

Message for upcoming girl marketers and app developers

“Do spend adequate time in studies previous to taking off. Network and seek mentorship as much as you could because the relationships you build thru your network will help you immensely for your adventure,” stated Aneesha Jyoti   

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