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5 Reasons Why Instagram is Important for Your Business


Instagram for Business is arguably one of the most effective promotional media to use. Because of Instagram’s huge popularity among social media users. If you have a business in fashion, food, or something else, using Instagram for Business is a must because it is important to increase your business profits.

Instagram for Business is a feature provided by Instagram for business people to promote their businesses. The promotion itself is paid content that is usually uploaded by business people to promote their products or services. The form of existing content can be in the form of an ost or a story that has the words ‘Sponsored’ under the advertiser’s account name as a differentiator from regular content. There are also various supporting features, such as the Instagram Shop and Automatic DM Reply which can reply to DMs automatically.

Of all the cool features available, are you curious about how Instagram for Business can be considered important for business owners to use? Here comes the reason!

Instagram Has a Wider Audience Reach

Using Instagram ads will reach a wider audience, especially when balanced with consistent organic uploads. Instagram is also known as a visual platform, so businesses can promote their products by displaying attractive images and videos and are seen displaying products in more detail. You can also use hashtags to spread your content.

Flexible Advertising Costs

Advertising costs on Instagram can also be considered flexible because we can place bids for our ad placements. There is no base price when advertising on Instagram ads, so you can adjust it according to the budget we have. Factors that affect the high or low cost of advertising, namely targeting, ad placement, ad formats, and time of year. To get the best performance, we must be able to calculate the advertising budget needed per day. The higher the price we pay, the wider the audience we reach.

Ease of Advertising

Using Instagram ads for advertising is also relatively easy because you can use existing uploads without the need to create new uploads. Advertisers can choose products that have been previously uploaded organically. Then enter the Facebook ad manager to determine the target Instagram users they want to target. All you have to do is upload your ad and wait for approval in a few hours, and make sure you follow the terms and conditions that apply.

Segmented Ad Targets

As previously explained, the Facebook ads manager has more capability in determining targets. So that advertisers can get segmentation and targeting that are more appropriate and in accordance with their audience. Advertisers can also choose their target audience specifically, in terms of demographics, behavior, interests and interests, and other criteria.

Increase Brand Awareness

One of the important things that can be obtained when advertising using Instagram Ads, indirectly. The audience is more familiar with the brand or product that we are promoting through the advertisements posted. This can increase existing brand awareness and from there, the popularity of your business or business can be increasingly recognized.

After knowing the importance of Instagram for Business for your business. Let’s learn strategies to use it so you can achieve maximum profit in running your business.