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Advantages of Entrepreneurship Since Children

You may often hear the slogan: ‘It’s never too late to start something’. However, what if now the concept is reversed to become: ‘It’s never too soon to start something including becoming an entrepreneurship. If we might just start a business after graduating from college or even after deciding to resign from an office job, this generation of our children can actually, you know, start right now, if we have the chance. In fact, brothers Adam and Matthew Toren, the authors of Kidspreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas, said that children can even do better at entrepreneurship than us adults.

More Tech Literate

Since newborns, our children are used to technology. Once they are a little bigger, they can see that transaction can not only be made with cash, but also with digital money. Even bigger, they will learn that to shop, you don’t have to come directly to the location. Getting smarter, he also knows that to sell something, you or they don’t need to build or rent. Technology changes everything. Suddenly the whole world is at our fingertips right now.

When studying these technologies, they will understand how to take advantage of the marketplace, they will understand promotional strategies that don’t cost a lot, and they will also learn how to connect with segments. Even to upgrade their skills and product values, they can easily do this by accessing YouTube or online classes. If in the past it took us a long time to prepare and get started, our tech-savvy children can trim the stone.

Have a Free Spirit Naturally

Adam and Matthew say that one of the most endearing aspects of childhood is the sense of freedom and curiosity that children embody. They have lots of innovative ideas and enjoy turning them into reality.

They naturally express their creativity, emotions, and talents freely. And we all know that entrepreneurship has always been perfect for those who want more lifestyle freedom. As young entrepreneurs, kids can build and grow a business from home and run their business any time of the day or night. They are also free to enjoy time with their family on vacation.


Trust me! The kids are tough, you know. Kids will bounce back once they slip while practicing roller skating. They also did not hesitate to try pedaling their two-wheeled bicycles again, even though they fell several times. Children have extraordinary fortitude and they are good at using it.

They have the ability to persevere in whatever they do and are optimistic, even in the face of adversity. This is an opportunity that is a pity to waste.

Thinking Outside The Box

Don’t think that children don’t understand or can’t do anything. In fact, generally, children tend to enjoy thinking outside the box. Children don’t think the way adults do. Children’s brains have the ability to see things both concretely and abstractly at the same time. They are natural innovators.

Less Pressure

We must be able to accept this fact. Young children are not yet overly burdened by the challenges of adult life. Adult entrepreneurs are often overwhelmed and stressed by everyday pressures. Because adults have a number of responsibilities – such as supporting a family, focusing on relationships, and taking care of their overall health.

In addition, they have an enormous amount of mental and physical energy. Less pressure also means they can optimize the effort and time they put into their business. Adam and Matthew said that children have more mental and emotional space to devote to creative ideas, marketing, and managing a business without excessive anxiety.