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How to Develop a Business Spirit in Children

Business Spirit

As an entrepreneur or prospective entrepreneur, maybe you aspire to make your offspring a successful entrepreneurs. But how do you teach the Spirit Business to Children, even though they still like to play? The most effective way is to play while learning. Here are tips for cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit in children:

Teach The Business Spirit to Have Targets

Teach your children to have certain targets and teach them how to achieve them. A game that you can do with your child is to invite the child to write down their 10 wishes. Then out of the 10 wishes, invite the children to think about which wishes can bring the greatest benefit to their lives.

Children Must Learn to See Opportunities

Many people do not take advantage of the potential that is in them, because they are less able to see the opportunities around them. Because of that, it is very important to teach children to see the potential and opportunities that exist in themselves and around them.

Teach Children to Learn To Sell

Knowledge to sell is not only a must-have for an entrepreneur but in all career fields. Therefore teach your children to sell, because by selling, the child is not ashamed to communicate with other people, so that he can increase his self-confidence.

Teach Children About Managing Finances

Financial management is rarely taught in schools, therefore as parents, we can help them by teaching them to sell or help you sell. Then teach that the money earned can produce more by turning the money around for the next trade. Don’t forget to teach them to give charity from every income they get.

Teach About Marketing

The way of marketing or marketing the product is very important. Without good marketing methods, a business can fail. Then how? Invite your child to look at boards, posters or advertisements about the same product but from several advertisements from different companies. Then ask them which ad is better and why is one good and the other not so good. You will be very surprised by their answers which are sometimes unexpected and even very ticklish.

Teach Children About Failure

In school, we are always taught that failure is a big disaster, but in the business world, failure can be a very good teacher and motivation for change. If your child fails, then motivate them to learn from their mistakes and not to repeat those mistakes.

Effective Communication

Today’s children are sometimes very afraid to communicate face-to-face because they are very used to SMS and social networks. One of the important business supports is the way we communicate and negotiate. The way to teach it is to play buyer and seller. First, give an example of you as a seller and your child as a buyer.

Independence Creates Self-Confidence

Surely we want our children to be independent and successful children. Then how? Every time your child asks for a new toy, ask your child to think about how to make money so they can buy that item. This will increase their critical power and creative power.

Teach To Help Others

What’s the point of succeeding in a business if it doesn’t benefit other people? It is very important to teach your children to give alms so that children do not become greedy and selfish. Invite them to put money into the mosque’s piggy bank every time they get money from selling or pocket money from you.

Teach Leadership

At school, children are taught to always follow the rules. They are programmed to learn and memorize and not to become independent thinkers. Knowledge as an entrepreneur teaches children to think outside the box and create unique and better solutions.